How to clean the exterior concrete floor?

Many people have exterior concrete floors in their single-family homes and believe that we cleaned them like any other surface in the home.

Many people have exterior concrete floors in their single-family homes and believe that we cleaned them like any other surface in the home. Learning how to clean the exterior concrete floor is not complicated, you just have to have the shower materials and follow the steps that we are going to narrate in this post. Find out with us.

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First, mention that it is precious to learn this post in case you have an exterior concrete surface to clean in your single-family home, but for community cleaning, it is better to have professionals.

Steps to clean exterior concrete floor

If you correctly follow the steps that we are going to explain below on how to clean an exterior concrete floor, your surface will be impeccable in a short time.

Before learning how to clean the exterior concrete floor, it is very important that you pour a little water over the entire concrete surface, to make sure that when sweeping, you do not raise the dust accumulated on the floor.

We recommend this step in all contexts of cleaning exterior concrete, but they especially recommended it on surfaces that are near gardens since the amount of dust, dirt and accumulated dirt is usually much higher.

In case the concrete floor is especially full of residues and dirt residues, and the area has a perfectly working drain, it is perhaps more sensible and saves a lot of time to use pressure cleaning machines.

The first point you should start with to learn how to clean the exterior concrete floor is to sweep the floor, making sure that there is no debris or dirt left that can interfere with the cleaning process when you apply other products.

It is very important that we made the broom you choose of a sufficiently hard and resistant material since contact with the cement can break the bristles. Important! That the brush is resistant does not mean that you should take the one with metal bristles. In fact, these types of brushes usually scratch the surface.

Once you have rinsed and swept the entire surface, it is time to scrub. The detergent must be of neutral PH, since if not, the cleaning products usually have chemicals that alter and damage the surface. This is one of the most important points on how to clean the exterior concrete floor to be interiorized if you want your floor to look beautiful without damaging it.

How to remove stains

Learning how to clean the exterior concrete floor will not help you with removing deep stains that do not come out after scrubbing with the neutral PH detergent. There are several options, including a natural solution based on a mixture of flour and hydrogen peroxide, but the most recommended is the application of trisodium phosphate, or TSP, using a nylon bristle brush.

There is also the possibility of cleaning it with hydrochloric acid, although being such a toxic product, which requires so many protection measures, we do not recommend its use.

Hire a cleaning company

Learning how to clean the exterior concrete floor is something really useful in case the patio or garage of your single-family home is made of this material. But with large neighborhood communities, it is of little use. You will not spend days and days cleaning the dirt generated by others.

In addition, the constant movement of people will mean that you never finish cleaning the patio. For this reason, it is something very sensible and carried out by all the neighboring communities to hire a cleaning company, to ensure that all the common areas are impeccable at all times.

There, we will bombard you with ads from these companies. What we can assure you is that there is no other cleaning company with the years of experience and quality of service-price that we offer.

Benefits of hiring a community cleaning company

Apart from the cleaning of the building itself, there are many benefits of hiring a community cleaning company, among which we want to highlight that it improves the physical appearance of the property, allowing your home to look nice, well-cared for, and clean, and giving added value to all its floors.

When everything in a community works properly, neighborhood coexistence improves exponentially. It is normal you are contributing to the health of all the inhabitants of the property.

Why hire a Professional Cleaning Company

First, our experience in the sector and our highly competitive prices make us one of the most interesting. Every one of our professionals is highly qualified, which allows us to ensure that we will give you the best possible result.

It is not enough for us to have highly qualified professionals, we also have to provide them with the best machinery and adequate training so that they constantly renew themselves and are able to do their work in the most efficient way possible. Also mention that we have personalized customer service and a strategy based on periodic controls that allow us to improve and speed up the cleaning of your community.

Finally, emphasize that we have different services, from greater to lesser depth, depending on what you need to clean your community, as long as it falls within your budget.

If you are looking for a company to clean your community, what are you waiting for to contact us? Ask for your budget now and see for yourself that everything we have just told you is real.


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