Foods that you should avoid for your dental health

Many people take oral health for granted, which might result in the development of plaque and tooth decay with days passing. Eating food that preserves your oral health is best advised rather than damaging it. What you eat will always reflect directly on your teeth, and you should never leave a stone unturned to care for dental health. With us, you can get the best dental care possible with the professional dentists we have on the team. You can avail yourself of various services with us like teeth whitening, braces, Root Canal Treatment, and so on in a more affordable and pain-free way possible.  

Some foods harm, and then some foods heal. Here are some foods that harm your teeth if you don’t care about them.  


You better choose chocolate than go for sour candies, which spoil your teeth. Candies, by default, are not suitable for your teeth, and if they are sour candies, they worsen your teeth condition as they get stuck in your teeth causing teeth decay in the long run. Also, the acidic nature of the candy can be harsh on your teeth’ enamel, damaging it relentlessly.  According to 1st Impression Dental in Brooklyn.


Though bread is the most common food we use in our lives, especially for breakfast, make sure you think twice before opting for it. Bread gets broken down in the mouth into a sticky substance inside the mouth and can get stuck in the corners of the teeth right after putting it in the mouth. This can cause damage and cavities in the teeth. It’s better to go for whole wheat grains if you crave carbs, as they contain less added sugars and do not break down easily.  


Alcohol is dangerous to your health, from the liver to the heart. The main thing to remember here is that alcohol is a threat to your oral health and dries up the saliva in your mouth. Saliva is crucial in clearing the mouth of the sticky substances and food that get into the teeth and cannot be removed otherwise. If you consume alcohol, your saliva no longer gets produced in desired amounts, causing dry mouth with time. It is always better to drink more water daily to keep your mouth hydrated all the time.

Carbonated drinks  

Though the word diet is written on some of the carbonated drinks, they cause no good to you other than damaging your oral health. Carbonated drinks will have worse effects on your teeth, starting from enamel damage to the teeth decay. If you keep consuming carbonated beverages, keep in mind that you are just attacking your enamel by coating it with acid, which is an absolute treat to your teeth. Carbonate drinks also stain your teeth and produce more acid to damage the enamel. Not only this, but these drinks can also dry out your mouth, just like alcohol.  


This may sound simple, as ice contains only water, but the research proves otherwise. Chewing or breaking down the ice with the teeth can result in dental emergencies like cracking the teeth, loosening up the dental crowns, chipped teeth, etc. Not only ice but chewing a hard substance might result in the same set of damages. So, it is always better to have ice with chilled beverages to control the urge rather than having it directly. You can also have chilled water instead of chewing ice now.  

Citrus foods

Citrus foods can be delicious to the mouth and tongue, and we usually have various citrus food like lemons, oranges, and gooseberries in our households. Lemon and orange juices are all good to chill out, but the acids of those fruits can erode your enamel to a greater extent. Their acids are so hard on your teeth and make them get exposed to tooth decay. Also, these citrus foods can be a significant cause of mouth sores. It is better if you have these foods in minimum amounts rather than having them at once or in larger quantities.  

Potato chips  

Our favorite crunching to have in the evenings or for lunch. Potato chips have a lot of starch that gets converted to sugars. These sugars get settled in the corners of teeth with time and will be tough to remove. The particles get settled in the teeth services and feed the bacteria, which causes plaque. To avoid such situations, it is better to floss your mouth after having chips.  


Oral health is not only about having foods the help you but avoiding the foods that harm you. Avoiding the foods mentioned above can give you the best oral health possible.

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