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Field Services Manager using Technology for Project Management

To reduce costs, the field manager must cut down on the amount of time he spends making multiple visits to a single client.

For instance, in banking, for a conclusion on a loan: a field manager visits a client and gathers every single required doc.

Workers managing client-side documents face another challenge as they evaluate them. It is legal for the auditing organization to hold copies of the documents examined by the auditor. 

Making paper copies at the customer’s office is possible, yet there are such a large number of docs and it is hard for field managers to carry them.

So there are two different ways to recover documents quicker and simpler:

Method 1: Scan them using a customer scanner and send the pictures to the back office. Advantages: Get excellent pictures and get them quicker.

Issues: This isn’t the simplest way, because the field manager needs to discover the scanner, set up a connection between this scanner and the driver’s PC, and involve the scanner for quite a while, which doesn’t always assist with a happy client, etc.

Or on the other hand

Method 2: Take pictures with the field manager’s cell phone and send them to the back office through the mobile application.

Benefits: quicker assistance, the fundamental gear is now accessible, in addition to extra options for monitoring and controlling the operations of the field manager. escort


Transferring pictures over a mobile Internet connection requires great bandwidth, which isn’t always accessible.

Taking great quality pictures with a cell phone camera isn’t as simple as scanning, so you can get low-quality pictures from the driver on the spot.

It may be necessary to retake the pictures (and return them to the customer). 

This prompts increased costs, delays in business processes, sex hikayeleri and, at last, the loss of clients.

An ever-increasing number of organizations are adopting a different strategy, and we are happy to assist such creative organizations to tackle their issues with the mobile application.

In what manner can these issues be addressed?

Our clients utilize the ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK (in the past ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK).

With the SDK integrated with a mobile application used by the field manager, you are able to check the picture quality. This can be checked on the mobile phone. And then request to take another picture if the picture quality is not satisfactory. For example, if the picture is blurry or there is a look at the picture, etc. It is possible to reduce the size of the picture. Even after it is accepted for quicker transfer using the same SDK.  escort bayan

Presently the picture is ready for automatic data retrieval in the back office!

Case study of one of the huge four organizations

One of the four huge organizations has integrated mobile capture into an application that technical support workers use at clients and check documents on the client-side. Business In Russia, auditors are needed to keep copies of audited documents. This is for the purpose of that they can make an audit report. However, documents are hard to scan on the customer side and hard to carry.


Field managers capture documents in a client’s office with a cell phone camera through a mobile application

The application uses the ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK

Picture compression

The transformation to PDF/A happens later on the server. Once in the past ABBYY Recognition Server) is used, yet in addition to the option ABBYY FineReader Engine. bayan escort

Integration with the current file storage has been finished.

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