can laptop ram be upgraded

Last note: if your computer is running fast enough, Windows will prevent you from using ReadyBoost since it doesn’t provide any significant benefits to your system.

Disable automatic updates

We generally don’t recommend that you disable automatic updates to software, since they’re the best way to ensure your computer is secure and safe from security threats or compatibility concerns. Since disabling automatic updates is likely to cause your computer to be afflicted by security vulnerabilities that could be serious.

However, even if you are aware of the dangers it is possible to be justified in pursuit of a higher performance.

Updates Don’t Get Into Your System

If for example, your laptop is used as a gaming console it’s likely that gaming distribution platforms like Steam or The Epic Games Store are often installing numerous large patches and updates on the background. It is also possible that the Adobe Creative Cloud is also susceptible to major background updates that could affect the performance of your network, and system speed. By removing this option and only updating when you are actually planning to utilize the program it is possible to ensure that the updates don’t get into your system while you’d prefer doing something other.

We recommend that all critical software or services that are frequently used like Windows or updates to antivirus – remain on auto-pilot however, if you’re in a hurry for processing capacity then you can schedule these for downloads and installation at a particular date and time that you aren’t likely to use the device, for instance late at night, or at weekends.

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Make sure that you stop unnecessary programs from beginning

If you boot your PC, it might discover that different programs start to start. Make sure that the programs do not start after you turn off your PC.


From the Apple Menu Go into The System Preferences and Accounts, then Login Items. Select the applications you wish to stop from automatically opening and then click the minus symbol (+) to delete them.


Open the Start Menu and search for “msconfig.” Select Startup to view the list of programs that are running on booting up your PC. Remove any that is not needed.

Make sure you have enough RAM, and add it when you need to

RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, is the memory storage utilized in your PC. The more applications are running in a given time, the more RAM will be needed. So your computer could be slow if there’s insufficient RAM, particularly when you are processing large files taking on multiple tasks simultaneously.


Open the Activity Monitor by going to the Library menu, then Applications > Utilities, and then choose System Memory. In the event that the graph is predominantly blue and green, your RAM should be fine. If the chart is predominantly yellow and red it is advisable to consider installing more RAM.


Initialize your Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. Choose the Performance tab, and then look for the section titled, Physical Memory (MB). If the number in front of Available is lower than 25 percent of your total MB you may want to consider adding RAM.

More RAM can be added to your PC

In terms of memory consumption, Windows 10 uses less memory than the previous versions however, increasing the RAM capacity has proven to be a tried and tested method to boost performance of devices for many years.

If you own a convertible laptop or detachable model it’s likely that you’ll have to use the one that was included in the box. Certain gaming and business laptops let you upgrade RAM, however it’s still a challenge.

It’s much simpler to upgrade the RAM on desktop computers. It’s far less expensive, too. Anyone who has a basic understanding about the insides of a desktop tower can be capable of adding more RAM in a matter of minutes.

It is also possible to bring your PC to an expert shop to get additional RAM added. If you’re concerned about harming your system, or doing this wrong, getting an honest opinion of someone who understands what they’re doing will ease your mind and make adding more memory a breeze.

Make sure you are aware of viruses and spyware.

It’s virtually impossible to not pick the virus in the course of browsing websites, however the latest Windows Defender software has made it much easier than before to identify malware that could be causing serious problems to your computer. Third-party software is also simple to install and are equally effective in removing any viruses or spyware you’ve been able to catch.

Certain programs are superior to other ones, and they can be more bloated and create problems in terms of speed. It is best to choose a program that is efficient and completely removes malware and doesn’t consume excessive space on your computer.

It is recommended to install two types of software to perform computer performance monitoring. The malware cleanup software can help solve problems with lagging speed or pop-ups. However, you must consider programs that provide permanent protection that runs on the background. Keep in mind that antivirus software consume space, and you need to select one that’s specifically designed to not affect performance.

A little bit of research will help you find the right software that fits within your budget , or compatible specifically for your operating system. There could be compatibility issues when you’re downloading software that is free make sure to double-check the software prior to installing it so that you do not run into any issues with performance.

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Think about a start-up SSD

If you’re looking to improve performance, a solid-state drive (SSD) could help in alleviating some pressure off the processor whenever your computer starts up. If you are prone to running several applications simultaneously or use video and photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, then a start drive could be a huge help in making these programs run more smoothly and load quicker.

Desktop Pcs, Ssds

While they’re mostly utilized on desktop PCs, SSDs can be used in laptops also. If you don’t have the possibility of using an internal SSD however, you could buy the external storage device which is connected to your PC via USB 3.0. This drive can provide you with the additional boost you require during startup to complete tasks and provide an advantage for applications which require more memory in order to run correctly.

There are a variety of SSD choices that fit within your budget, based on how you utilize your computer. Online storage review websites are a great source of information when trying to pick the ideal storage device for your PC and you must ensure it’s compatible with the operating system you are using.

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