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Add Indoor Plants In Your Living Room To Give It A New Life!

There is a winning formula for building a perfectly balanced living space, whether you know it or not. A sofa, a coffee table with designer books and a beautiful candle, a couple of accent chairs, a TV for binge-watching your favourite series, and a nice throw blanket to keep you warm and make your couch appear extra welcoming are all necessities. With a rug and a few frames on the wall, you’ve got yourself a room worthy of its own Instagram post, right? To get your plants matched with the other design of your house, get help from cheap homes construction company or any good contractor in lahore.

A splash of greenery is the only thing lacking from your meticulously maintained setting. It’s a jungle out there, as you know, and deciding between a fiddle-leaf fig and a bird’s nest fern for your living room might be tricky.

To make things a little easier, we enlisted the help of an expert to give us the lowdown on which houseplants are ideal for your lifestyle and lighting.

Scroll down to see 15 different types you should consider installing to your living room right away. Moreover, if you want help with anything related to real estate or regarding house construction agreement between owner contractor in pakistan, Syedbrothers.com.pk can help you out!

1. Bird of Paradise seems to be the best for natural light.

The bird of paradise is a terrific plant for adding a lush but elegant vibe to your living area, thanks to its huge, glossy leaves. It’s best for living rooms with lots of natural light, and it only needs water once a week in most conditions.

2. Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The interior design world’s sweetheart is the fiddle-leaf fig. This plant becomes the focus point of every room it is placed in, even the living room. Its huge violin-shaped leaves are among of the most popular in the houseplant industry, making it the perfect statement plant.
Water your fiddle-leaf fig once every one to two weeks and keep it in indirect sunshine.

3. Snake Plant is the best plant for low light.

The snake plant is ideal for living areas with little natural light. The snake plant is a low-light plant with lovely variegated leaves that can liven up any environment. Water carefully and keep an eye on your snake’s progress.

4. Cascading Pothos is the best choice for shelves.

If you have shelves on the walls of your living room. The cascading pothos’ billowing foliage make it the ideal plant for you. This lush, fast-growing plant is ideal for adding foliage to shelves.
In low, medium, and bright indirect light, this plant thrives. Water once a week or if the plant appears droopy for a healthy cascading pothos.

5. Rubber Plant is the best plant for a moody vibe.

Due to its dark-colored leaves, the rubber plant is a popular choice for individuals searching for a distinctive, sombre plant for their living room. It prefers bright, indirect light and only has to be watered once a week or when the soil gets dry.

6. Kentia Palm is the best plant for humid climates.

The kentia palm is ideal for vast areas. This huge indoor palm thrives in areas with plenty of room, humidity, and indirect light ranging from mild to brilliant. For healthy leaves, water once a week.

7. Monstera Deliciosa is the best choice for a trendy look.

The monstera deliciosa is an art-deco-era favourite that has made its way into many living areas. Put the monstera in bright indirect light and water it once a week for a healthy plant. It’s perfect for trendy, eclectic, or colourful living room areas.

8. Dracaena Compacta is the best choice for small spaces.

Dracaena compacta is suited for smaller places. A strange plant that grows vertically and narrowly. The optimal light is medium to brilliant indirect light, and it only has to be watered once a week.

9. Calathea Medallion is the best choice for coffee tables.

We typically recommend a colourful prayer plant like the calathea medallion instead of a bunch of flowers on the coffee table. These plants look well in medium to strong indirect light and provide a splash of colour to any living area.
One to two times each week, or anytime the soil gets dry, water your calathea medallion.

10. Braided Money Tree is the best tree species.

Many of our clients adore the concept of having a living room tree. This indoor-friendly braided money tree prefers medium to strong indirect light and only has to be watered once a week.

Fun fact: the braided money tree is said to bring great fortune and riches to those who live near it.

11. Golden Petra is the best choice for a splash of colour.

The golden petra is a vibrant complement to any living room shelf. It is one of our most popular plants because to its distinctive orange, red, and yellow foliage.

12. Fishtail Palm is the best choice for high ceilings.

Consider the tall fishtail palm for a living area with high ceilings. Indoors, it may reach 8 feet tall if given enough of light and watered once a week or when the soil gets dry.

13. Dragon Tree is the best for purifying the air.

The dragon tree has your name written all over it if you’re seeking for a stunner with added advantages. It’s a great air purifier that takes very little maintenance.

Water once a week or when the soil gets dry, under medium to bright indirect light.

14. Silver Evergreen is the best choice for every lighting situation.

We offer the silver evergreen, a variegated low-light plant with sage and silver tones, for individuals searching for a softer hue for their living area.

15. Bird’s Nest Fern is the best plant for new plant parents.

The bird’s nest fern is a cute, low-maintenance fern that adds a touch of lush woodland to whatever living area it graces. Water once a week or when the soil seems dry, and keep it in medium to bright indirect light.

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