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8 Living Room Layout Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

 8 Living Room Layout Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


Your living room represents your entire home. It is like the mirror of your house. You need to be very careful with your main room(Living room) decor and furnishing. It is the place where you and your family spend most of the time in your house. It is one of the rooms that you have to keep clean and neat because it is generally where guests are invited. It should be a relaxed and cozy room but also organized enough if unexpected visitors arrive unexpectedly. Before selecting furniture for this specific room, things such as the right layout, size of the furniture, and a few more important things are very important to consider. It is not easy to find the best living room arrangement that suits your needs and personal taste because many options are available. Here in this article, you will find some tips that can help you figure out the best living room layout for your home and how to avoid common furniture mistakes.


Too Many Items in One Place

A lounge or living room is where you spend most of the time. It is where your family and friends gather around to relax and spend some quality time together. It is why the furniture in this room must be comfortable and inviting. You don’t want your guests to feel crowded or uncomfortable, do you? A common living room layout mistake is overcrowding with too many items. Furniture, accessories, paintings, plants, rugs, everything needs to have its place. If not, your living room will look cluttered and messy. The best way to organize the furniture in your living room is to define purpose zones. An unorganized and cluttered space will give a chaotic atmosphere to your guests.


Too Much Furniture in the Wrong Places

Another common mistake is placing furniture in the wrong places. Suppose you have a small living room. You don’t want to place a large sofa in the middle of the room. It will only make the space look and feel smaller. Maximize the use of space is by using multifunctional furniture. For example, a coffee table with storage or an ottoman with hidden storage. The right furniture will help define each area’s purpose in your living room. Also, not placing the furniture in the right places will make it look awkward and uninviting to your guests.


Placing Furniture Against the Walls Only

Although this is not a mistake, there are times when all of us have done it. Instead of placing only against the walls, create different seating areas by arranging the sofas or chairs around an area rug, in a U shape, or round tables. It will create different areas in the room. Placing all the items against the walls will make the room look smaller and cramped. Also, don’t place everything on one side of the room. Make your living room visually balanced by placing some furniture on the other side as well. The key to successful room decoration is choosing the correct size and arrangement. Hire an interior designer or some of the greatest furniture available at a discount with CouponGot coupons and deals.


Forgetting To Leave Enough Space

When arranging furniture in a small area, you need to leave enough space for traffic flow and make sure that guests can move around easily without bumping into anything or anyone. In addition to traffic flow, you also need to think about using the space. For example, do you want to watch TV from the sofa, or would you prefer a separate seating area? Not having enough seating If you have a large family or entertain often, you’ll need plenty of seating. A sofa and two chairs are not enough for most families. Be sure to include at least a three-seater sofa and additional chairs or benches if needed. But don’t keep enough furniture.


Not Using Lamps and Accent Lights

A new trend is using accent lighting to enhance the general mood of your living room. Of course, it’s always nice to have natural light to help brighten up a space during the daytime. But that’s not always the scenario, so you may want to add a couple of lamps. Lighting changes the overall feel of a room. Considering bad lights can make an otherwise inviting room feel dark and uninviting. The right lighting system can set the perfect mood for any occasion. For aesthetic purposes, put a floor lamp in the corner. You can find floor lamps with interesting designs at home decor stores to help make your space look unique. When you choose the right lamp, enter  coupons and deals at the checkout to get a discount.


Too Small Seating Arrangement

The most common layout mistake is creating a seating arrangement that’s too small for the space. If you have room for more than two seats, this can be an easy fix. It is okay to place furniture in front of windows because it makes your space look less bare and creates depth in the room. For example, you can place a sofa in front of the window and add two armchairs opposite it. If your room is small or has an awkward shape, you may have to work with what you’ve got. To make up for this, use accent chairs instead of sofas and choose pieces that are smaller in sizes, such as loveseats or sectional sofas. If you have a larger space, then adding an armchair and ottoman will help break up the room visually into different seating areas for conversation groups.


Not Having a focal point.

A living room needs a focal point, and it’s often either the television or a fireplace. If you don’t have one of those, consider adding an interesting piece of art or a mirror that will draw people’s attention. Without something to focus on, people may feel lost in the space and unsure where to sit or stand. A focal point also helps ground the space and makes it easier to arrange furniture. The right focal point can also add personality to your living room.


Not Choosing the Right Coffee Table

Your coffee table is one of the most important pieces in your living room. It should be functional and stylish as well as provide storage if needed. Don’t choose one too small for your space or too big; it should be in proportion to the size of your sofa and chairs. Your coffee table doesn’t even have to be a traditional one; you could use an ottoman, end table, or a bench as a low-profile coffee table instead.


On a Final Note

The living room is where you spend most of your time, so it needs to be a comfortable and welcoming space. Don’t let these mistakes destroy your layout. The key to a cozy living room lies in the layout and furniture arrangement. Don’t be afraid to play around with your living room’s furniture placement until you find a combination that works best for you! Read more such articles Ecopostings site. 


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