16 Nursing Trends To Expect In 2023

Expected Top 16 Nursing Trends

Are you an aspiring nurse? Are you wondering about the nursing trends in 2023? Well, you have come to the right place. You do not have to worry if you find a reliable nursing assignment help, so brush off those worries because there are tons of experts online to help you.

Here is a compiled list of trends you can expect to witness in 2023, and you can also get a lot of insight into those trends. For example, there has been a significant change in the medical field, especially nursing, because of Covid 19.

Nurses who are more educated are expecting to get better opportunities and are ready to take on expanded roles. In the ever-changing world of healthcare, nurses are always in demand, and to fill your curiosity about the trends, check out the below points.

  1. The popularity of online education programs

The institute of medicine (IOM) developed the committee on the future of nursing in 2010, which was responsible for recommending action-oriented response that addresses the challenges nurses face in a working environment.

In the covid 19 pandemic and post covid situation, nurses are motivated much more to pursue higher education. Online nursing assignment help degree programs allow nurses to receive a degree while pursuing full-time employment. It opens doors to higher degrees without leaving their job or sacrificing responsibilities or family obligations.

  1. The shortage of primary care physicians

According to recent research gathered from the association of American medical colleges, it is found that the United States of America can encounter a shortage of nearly 48,000 primary care physicians by 2034 as a result of the increasing population of ageing people.

Without sufficient primary care physicians, the demand for FNPs or family nurse practitioners will increase, especially in those areas where FNPs have full authority to practice.

  1. Higher number of states to grant full practice authority

In response to the shortage of primary care nurses, more states could begin allowing nurse practitioners to have full authority to practice independently. As if now 29 states and US territories allow nurses to have full authority, the rest of the states need to have a collaborative agreement with supervising physicians.

Given the urgent need for primary care nurses, both the national academy of medicine and the national council of state boards of nursing recommends states offer full practice authority to NPs.

  1. Significant job growth for nurses in 2023

The shortage of nurses intensified because of the coronavirus pandemic as healthcare centers and hospitals are struggling under the unpredictable load of patients. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that registered nurses can become one of the fastest-growing professions by 2031, and you can expect it to grow by 6%.

Moreover, the ageing population in the US is growing because, according to reports by Census Bureau, 20% of the state will reach retirement age. And there will be a shortage of more than 48,000 primary care nurses by 2034.

  1. The salary of RNs will remain the same or increase

Even though covid 19 has negatively impacted hospital finances, nurses have received their salaries, which have increased over time. It is no surprise that nurse practitioners rank no.12th on the list of 100 best jobs of 2022.

The rise in salaries of nurses, especially FNPs, is way from that of RN nurses with bachelor’s degrees. FNPs earn around $120,680 annually, whereas RNs earn $43,080. Additionally, medical facilities are using techniques like incentives to attract nurses and giving them various perks like 5-figure signing bonuses, college tuition for employees and their children, etc.

  1. Bilingual nurses will be more valued

The USA is a diverse place, and the diversity is growing, research says that nearly 350 languages are spoken in the homes of the US apart from English, Spanish is widely spoken, and nearly 13% of the total popular speaks Spanish. So bilingualism is becoming one of the most valued skills among nurses.

  1. Nurses will need to choose a specialization

Today nurses prefer to have a specialization because there are a lot more opportunities at the higher level than at the entry-level. Moreover, there is a big difference in salary, so having specialization opens many gates.

As per the reports of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), registered nurses or RNs have a salary of $77,600, and they can have a growth of 6% between 2021 and 2031.

  1. The ratio of male nurses will rise

There will be an increase in the number of male nurses even though nursing is a female-dominated profession. As this stigma blurs, men realize the perks of a career in nursing, and there has been a growth of 12% from 1960 to 2019.

  1. More focus will be on holistic care

The next one is holistic care which is a technique of treating the entire patient. Nurses providing holistic care identifies patients’ unique physical, emotional, spiritual, emotional, mental, and environmental strengths and weakness.

Hospitals and other healthcare systems in the USA are focusing on holistic healthcare in their delivery models.

  1. Technological skills will be in high demand among nurses

Technology has impacted human lives, and it has evolved the healthcare system slowly; the reliance on technology has increased since the covid 19 pandemic situation.

Currently, nurses use a lot of technology that increases efficiency, like electronic health records, to keep track of patient’s health history.

  1. The field of health informatics will be more mainstream

Just like the influx of technology in the healthcare sector similarly, a new field is on the rise- health informatics.

This latest specialization utilizes data that is gathered by IT systems to develop a collaborative environment between health care providers and patients.

  1. Increase of cost-effective urgent care clinics

There is a fine line between the retail and healthcare industries, and it is fading away. Retail healthcare services provided by major companies like CVS and Walgreen offer an alternative option for primary care. They are creating a disruption in the healthcare environment.

Nurse practitioners have already preferred to have their own clinics in retail locations, which with make urgent care cost-effective.

  1. Nursing faculty positions will become more attractive

The demand for registered nurses could be growing, but paradoxically, several educational institutes have been forced to send away qualified applicants because there was a shortage of nursing faculty.

The crisis of nursing faculty occurred because there were budget constraints, competition from clinical sites, ageing faculty, etc. So to overcome this situation, initiatives are underway to develop the nursing faculty position more attractive.

  1. Demand for geriatric specialists will increase

The reports of the congressional budget office state that by 2050, one-fifth of America’s population will be 65 or older.

According to the National Academy of Medicine, less than 1%of registered nurses and less than 3% of advanced registered nurses are certified in geriatrics. So this indicates that nurses have to specialize in geriatric.

  1. More awareness of common issues

Nurses face a lot of difficulties in their day-to-day life, especially the ones who work on the front lines.

They have to deal with high-stress levels, work pressure adversely impacts their physical health, and they face challenges in recovering from the emotional toll of work.

  1. Automation-free nurses to tackle more complex challenges

Nurses have to carry out repetitive tasks every day, which can be physically demanding as they have to do it a couple of hundred times every shift.

So the introduction of robots and other automation tools can reduce the workload and can handle basic tasks in a clinical setting.

Wrapping it up,

The above-mentioned points discuss the upcoming trends in nursing in 2023. Students who are aspiring nurses or considering studying nursing can get an insight into nursing.

Moreover, they can seek the best online nursing assignment writing help from experts when working on different aspects of healthcare.

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